1. Because this ministry is critical to our church, soon those asked to serve at church events will be chosen from a conference/mission /region approved database. Your chapter is the only available and approved group.
  2. Every meaningful church ministry is a team effort. That’s God’s way and your chapter is your support group. A forum for prayer, encouragement, fellowship, sharing and growth.
  3. Once your Chapter is registered you will receive a password and a registration ID which you will use to access our resources. The material provided by the Ministry  will aid you in advancing your Ministry in the Local Field. To register your Chapter, please have the names of your certified ushers ready to download on our database along with their date of birth.  A minimum of 50 persons is required to register a Chapter.
  4. Individual are allowed to register. Please contact us for further information.
  5. Consistent visibility. Our Certified Ushers are known. You’ll find the ladies wearing a navy blue jacket with crest, skirt and a rainbow coloured scarf and Ushers For Christ lapel pin. Our male are wearing a navy blue pants, white long sleeves shirts with a navy blue tie with crest and pin. Of course that’s just our visualized ‘brand’. It’s our smile, warmth and professionalism you’ll desire to be a part of.
  6. Share God’s love. Sure you can do this on your own, but visitors and friends sharing the impact of a ministry does much. Remember a Chapter is not a social club but an active living ministry in the work of God.