Welcome to the official Adventist Ushers for Christ Ministry online presence.The Adventist Ushers For Christ Hospitality Ministry (AUFCHM) was birthed out of a need to ensure effective hospitality ministry during varied events such as crusades, church meetings and other hosted events within the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We believe this ministry meets the need of ensuring that the human resources within our congregations are utilized effectively through this critical ministry.

This Ministry is facilitated by a Board of Management consisting of individuals who are passionate disciples and are gifted in various areas of expertise. The Board engages in implementing, overseeing, and standardizing this specialized Ministry. It is based in Trinidad W.I. and collaborates with the Personal Ministry Department of the Caribbean Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists to advance the Ministry of Hospitality within the Adventist Church.

Ushers are a critical part of the Church’s team as they are usually the first persons one would meet when visiting a church.

The Adventist Ushers for Christ Hospitality Ministry’s purpose is to address the hospitality needs within the Adventist Church. At its core, we provide certified training and development programmes for ushers, addressing all areas of the hospitality ministry.

The Ministry’s aim is to serve the Adventist Church all levels from congregational worship services to evangelistic meetings and special events. Whether a single local church, group of churches or a national event at any level of the Adventist Church, our trained ushers reflect tasteful church hospitality to members, visitors and friends.