A Chapter commences once the training process begins. The Chapter is formalized at the official inauguration ceremony. Its Constitution is to be adopted by the local Chapter.

A minimum of fifty ushers is required to commence a local chapter.  During dialogue you will receive guidance on the recruitment process to assist you in meeting the minimum requirement.  We are ready to assist in having your chapter to become a reality.

Since the Adventist Ushers For Christ Hospitality Ministry is a membership organisation, ushers must be active members of the Adventist Church and receive an endorsement to participate by their local church boards. To participate in the Certified Ushers Training and Development programme, all interested persons must be Adventist church members in active standing within their local churches. Of course, once trained and still in good standing you can easily join a chapter.

A chapter registration fee is required. Contact us for registration information.

A team with a minimum of seven persons must be established prior to meeting with the Board of Management to discuss in detail the process toward arriving at establishing a chapter.