The establishment of this Ministry arose out of a vision received in 2000 by its Founder,  Denise M. Fontenelle-Holder, who was inspired by God in, to seek an avenue that would provide a sustained approach to ushering within the Adventist Church.  With the establishment of the Ushers For Christ which in turn would enhance the image of the Church, foster membership nuturing and church growth by raising the congregational care to a higher and more professional level.

This passion for excellence in our hospitality ministry, we believe, has become more important as many struggle with a lack of belonging. The Ushers For Christ Hospitality Ministry is here to serve others in a caring, friendly and Christlike manner.

Typically those who serve as ushers are used because they’re willing. Many are not equipped with an understanding of all areas of this very important ministry.

On September 2007 the first group of Certified Trained ushers emerged at a graduation ceremony at the Gros Islet, Seventh-day Adventist Church, in Saint Lucia.  Approximately two hundred and fifty ushers received training throughout the island of Saint Lucia and graduated at different times.

The official inauguration of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, St. Lucia Mission’s Ushers for Christ Chapter was held on 4th November, 2009. This was the birth of a vision to take a single training program and turn it into a ministry. At this ceremony the Executive of the Chapter (known then called a Council) was installed and all certified ushers were officially vested with pins commissioning them to serve within the Adventist Church in St. Lucia.