Becoming a Certified Trained Usher is a great way to state across the world your commitment and professionalism in the Church’s Hospitality Ministry. Hospitality ministry is evangelism! You can benefit from certification in the following ways.

  • Learn tips on sharing a welcoming spirit. Serve and ensure that visitors and members feel welcome, comforted in knowing someone on hand to attend to their needs.
  • Gain insights that help promote reverence. Let’s face it, many often ‘forget’ the presence of God at meetings and events.  Help maintain reverent atmosphere during worship services and maintain decorum at church functions.
  • Promote an enhanced church Image. For too many the church often is too cold. Be a part of the ministry of love in action! Bring out your hospitality talents and discover the joy of love, care and professional service to others.
  • Contribute to meaningful church growth. Our friends and visitors will return once they feel at home and welcome among Seventh-day Adventists. Learn strategies that will influence persons to join your church family by the power of relationships.
  • Sharpen your nurturing skills. New members, visitors and friends do need to feel a part. Develop approaches that will provide a ‘nurturing web’ for target nurture groups. This is critical for new believers. Youths when given the opportunity shine in the service of nurturing.